My bike is broken or not working

If your bike is broken the fastest way to get an appointment is to plan via our App. Before you know it, you are riding on your Swapfiets again!

Plan an appointment yourself via our app when:

  • Your bike broke down
  • Your key is lost
  • Your bike went missing
  • You're in search of a store or your invoices
  • You want to cancel your membership

Reach out to us when you:

  • Are moving
  • Want to hand in your bike (store only)
  • Would like to have another bike type
  • Learn more about your payments

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Find more information about you repair below. 

Will I get another bike during the fix?

Small repairs will be done on site. In other cases, we will swap your bike for another working bike right away. You're back on the road before you know it! 

How long does my repair take?

In case we decide to repair your bike on site, the repair takes a maximum of 10 minutes. In case it takes longer we mostly decide to Swap your bike for another working bike. 

Can I also visit the store for a repair?

Of course! In most of the cases you are more than welcome in one of our Swapstores. Here you can ask all of your questions and concerns and to get your bike fixed or to replace your bike. This is always the fastest option. 

I received an error code, do I need a swap? 

In the table below you find the most common error codes. 


If this shows up in the display, you have to make sure you don’t pedal while activating the e-system. Restart the system and try again.
W011 In this case the travelling speed is not detected. Please plan an appointment via the App. 
W104 No assistance will be provided during riding. Please plan an appointment via the App. 
W105 Please turn power ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ again. If that’s not working, please plan an appointment via the App. 
In this case the temperature too high. Please place your battery in a cool (inside) location and not in direct sunlight, until it has sufficiently cooled down. Please check the product manual on exact instructions for battery temperatures. You can find this on our product page.

*In case you receive an error code that is not listed, please contact our support or plan an appointment via the App. 

Can I also fix my bike myself?

That's not necessary! Our swappers are always standby to fix or swap your bike when needed. 

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